The natural gas sector in Turkey was initiated with an international agreement in 1984. The first natural gas purchase was executed in 1986 with a quantity of 6 billion meter cubes. As Turkey developed the infrastructure of its natural gas network, other long-term agreements of international gas supply were concluded.

With the foundation of ENERGY MARKET REGULATORY AUTHORITY (EPDK) in 2001, it was intended to liberalize the energy sector and a competition environment that is quality, based on the security of supply, environment-friendly and seeks for the economic advantage of the consumer was created. The liberalization process starting with the first Natural Gas Province Distribution License in 2003 in order to expand the usage of natural gas in all of the provinces of Turkey continued by 2010. The targets related to the Local Distribution foreseen in the law were accomplished and 65 distribution regions were privatized.

By emphasizing the need for a natural gas sector with many actors; the long-term international agreements of BOTAŞ were presented in tenders and a 10 % of privatization was achieved. In 2005 a Contract Transfer Tender was held by BOTAŞ and by 2009 4 private companies completed their transitions to the business. Authorities were given in respect of the special regulations for LNG IMPORTATION AND NATURAL WHOLESALE. The spot LNG importation started in 2009. As for 2010, there are 14 private organizations having Spot LNG Importation License Certificate, including GAZPORT A.Ş. Although it is limited, the wholesale companies started their activities.



Gazport AŞ is an importation and wholesale company. It received the 30-year Natural Gas Wholesale License from EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) on 10.02.2005 and started official gas trade on 01.06.2009 as an active participant of the liberalization process in the natural gas sector.

During the period of the development of natural gas sector, it deserved to receive the Spot LNG Importation License from Energy Market Regulatory Authority on 15.10.2009 in order to take place in LNG importation activities by strengthening the natural gas supply.

Gazport AŞ has enabled the natural gas to enter the Turkish natural gas network from different points by concluding gas provision agreements with gas and LNG suppliers since 2009.
As for the active LNG trade, it realizes the activities that will enable the transfer of the imported LNG to the LNG Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Facilities and entrance of it to the Turkish market by gasification. It continues its active sales by increasing the natural gas trade volume more and more annually and by supplying natural gas from different sources.

Gazport continues to provide for their customers in the different categories such as Natural Gas Distribution Companies, Power Plants, Organized Industrial Zones and Industrial Organizations with gas supply with the experience of “Customer Service and Energy Management”;

  • Quality,
  • Security of Supply-guaranteed,
  • In the most suitable sales conditions,
  • Specialization in the energy management,
  • With the required capacity, when necessary.

SECURITY OF PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY; GAZPORT AŞ presents gas procurement possibilities under the quality, reliable and suitable conditions for the liberal consumers and distribution companies. GAZPORT AŞ implements the multi-procurement system in the natural gas with the international procurement agreements concluded with different importers.

CUSTOMER-ORIENTED OPERATIONS; GAZPORT AŞ fundamentally conducts a customer-oriented sales and marketing activity; while it presents services with the quality in order to meet the expectations of the customers in the highest level possible, it also constitutes solutions that are based on sharing with the customers.

EXCELLENT GAS MANAGEMENT; In the gas sector, nominations are made according to the daily natural gas consumption with the liberal competition factor and it is expected that the organizations that can manage the daily natural gas, increase its capacity and prepare more real-like natural gas consumption projections. Therefore, GAZPORT AŞ provides for companies with small, medium and large scales of gas consumption with natural gas management solutions about the operations in the gas balancing market.

VARIOUS AGREEMENT METHOD; Gas supply is conducted for at least 1 (one) year through the Gas Usage Agreements between the supplier and the customer. It implements customer specific natural gas sales method in the agreements. Gazport AŞ is for the customers about the fluctuation of gas consumption during the year.

CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LEGISLATION; It contributes to the development of the legislation in order to create a real competition environment in the market and for liberalization, to release the natural gas market and importation of LNG along with pipe gas for all companies.

STRONG TEAMS IN ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS; GAZPORT AŞ is part of the PALMET Energy Group and it makes benefit of the Group companies which also have strong and successful operations in the natural gas market, of the previous operational experience of PALMET-MANİTOBA AŞ which is a world leader and is a common company founded in Turkey with the Canadian company Manitoba Hydro International.


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